Elevate your impact and purpose as a PRODUCT OWNER !


Why Premium PRODUCT OWNER courses ?

Coaching based learning

All our courses are based on a coaching approach. You are responsible for reflecting on your body of experience and to take action between sessions. This allows for a much deeper learning experience compared to a training approach.

Individual Mentoring

You have one one one conversations with your personal mentor and you receive his full attention. You have the opportunity to share your individual challenges from the workplace and discuss it with your mentor related to the learning objectives.

Scrum learning meta model

In our courses we are adopting Scrum as a meta model for learning. This is a learning journey in itself.

At the beginning of the course, we discuss the learning objectives. In each mentoring session we perform the Sprint Review discussing what you have prepared. You are free to prioritize the learning objectives according to your needs and challenges.


get certified

 PRODUT OWNER Zertifizierungspfad

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

 The CSPO certification can be achieved after 25 hours of Mentoring, individually or in a group of up to 8 people individuals. 


Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

 After completing your CSPO you are eligible to proceed your journey with the A-CSPO mentoring program. In order to complete your A-CSPO, you are required to document at least 12 months of practical experience in the role of the PRODUCT OWNER.  


Certified Scrum Professional – Product Owner (CSP-PO)

 After completing your A-CSPO, you are eligible to start your CSP-SM journey. In order to complete your CSP-PO journey, you are required to document at least 24 months of practical experience in the role of the PRODUCT OWNER. You do NOT need to wait 12 months after completing your A-CSPO.


learn Scrum

Our VIP Product Owner courses

Certified Scrum Product Owner

In house mentoring

If you’re someone who is comfortable with the “business side” of projects, you are probably the right person to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®). While the ScrumMaster helps the Scrum Team work together to learn and implement Scrum, as a CSPO, you create the product vision, order the Product Backlog, and make sure the best possible job is done to delight the customer.

As a CSPO, you’ll:

  • Expand your career opportunities across all industry sectors adopting agile practices
  • Maximize the value of your team’s work and resulting products
  • Learn the foundation of Scrum and the scope of the Product Owner role
  • Engage with a global community of agile practitioners committed to continuous improvement

The CSPO Learning Objectives fall into the following categories:

  1. Product Owner Core Competencies
  2. Describing Purpose and Strategy
  3. Understanding Customers and Users
  4. Validating Product Assumptions
  5. Working with the Product Backlog

Please contact us for a personal quote.

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

Online und selbstbestimmt

Through the A-CSPO, you’ll learn to:

  • Manage multiple business initiatives from competing stakeholders.
  • Clearly order and express Product Backlog items.
  • Define a clear product vision that ensures your product remains focused on the features your customers and end users will actually use.
  • Communicate effectively with various stakeholder groups to achieve alignment.
  • Identify the crucial opportunities and avoid wasting time.
  • Define and validate business value.
  • Increase your credibility as a product expert and become recognized as a person who delivers real business results.


  • Build on your foundational knowledge with enhanced implementation skills
  • Distinguish yourself in the global marketplace
  • Stand out in your industry as a member of the Scrum Alliance globally-recognized community
  • Show advanced value to your employer (or potential employer) as a highly trained Agile professional

    Certified Scrum Professional –
    Product Owner (CSP-PO)

    Online und selbstbestimmt

    Certified Scrum Professionals challenge their teams to improve the way Scrum and Agile principles are applied. They have demonstrated experience, documented training, and proven knowledge in Scrum.

    Are you ready to take your knowledge and skillset in your role as Product Owner to the next level? If so, it’s time to elevate your career further by earning the Certified Scrum Professional®-Product Owner (CSP®-PO) certification.  

    Solidify your approaches for validating product assumptions, learn advanced interactions with customers and users and master advanced Product Backlog management.

    Aside from the pride gained and earning potential of attaining CSP® level, you can also:

    • Attend exclusive CSP events with other leaders in Agile and Scrum
    • Attract more recruiters and command a higher rate of pay
    • Establish a gateway and milestone toward becoming CST®, CEC, or CTC
    • Receive a free Premium subscription to the world’s largest Agile assessment and continuous improvement platform, Comparative Agility®


    Core benefits of joining our courses

    Lift up

    Our courses are not only about acquiring learning objectives, they also include personal transformation towards a deeper sense of purpose in your role as a Scrum Master.

    Increase your job opportunities

    The credentials from Scrum Alliance are the most recognized across industries because Scrum Alliance is the oldest and only non-profit certification body for Scrum in the world.

    Reflecting on your experience

    We are looking not only looking at your current situation, but we take a broader perspective on how and why you happened to adopt the role of the Scrum Master how this has impacted you.

    Validated learning

    In our courses, you are in the driver's seat. Rather than providing a solution without a given problem, we are relating Scrum concepts to your challenges from the workplace.

    Working on the system rather than in the system

    Typically, companies draw you to work in the box, e. g. maintaining Jira. In our courses you will learn to create impact as a worker on the system. This gives you the confidence to be impactful in any company in the world.

    Speak up with confidence

    In our courses you learn how to lead yourself and create the capabilities to deal with unpleasant feelings. Staying connected with yourself allows you to speak up with condidence in situations of tension and conflict.


    Why should you join our course?


    Certified Coaches with ICF and Scrum Alliance

    We are serious about the profession of coaching. Our educators are certified coaches both with ICF and Scrum Alliance.


    Many years of hands on experience with Scrum

    Our educators went thru many years of professional experience adopting Scrum with different clients across industries.


    You are in the center

    Unlike in training based courses, we make sure that you relate the learning objectives to your actual challenges from the workplace.


    Self paced

    We do not impose learning objectives on you. We consistently reflect on what’s moving you and what are your challenges.

    remote interaction

    Remote experience

    Our courses are based on your individual interaction with your mentor. They are designed to work over remote conversation. This allows for maximized flexibility and a student centric learning experience.


    Feedback from Students

    The one on one Mentoring sessions with Marc have helped to reflect and to dive deeper into the different learning objectives of the course. At any point in time, my personal perspective and my needs were in the center of our conversations, thus allowing for a maximized learning experience.

    I received a lot of hints and tipps and experience reports. Working on my self-perception strengthened by self confidence. This course is not designed for learning consumers, but rather for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches who truly want to work on themselves. For me it was exactly what I needed and I’m already looking forward to the CSM-SM course with Marc.

    Marco Keppens

    Certified Scrum Professional

    For me this course was incredibly inspiring and enriching. I experienced Marc as an outstandingly competent and experienced person, who consistenly encouraged me to understand my limiting beliefs in order to explore my potential.

    I recommend to course to anybody interested not only to acquire knowledge but who also has the desire to look deeper and grow on the personal level.

    Karl Mayrhofer

    Certified Scrum Professional

    Over the coaching with Marc I realized that my own horizon can be constantly expanded. We had exciting conversions which raised my interest in new topics and I could broaden my spectrum of knowledge. Based on Marc’s intentional questions and my own research I realized that in order to inspire and develop people, everything depends on my inner stance and authenticity and the changing of perspectices.

    Markus Allelein

    Certified Scrum Professional

    Marc’s course is for individuals who want to understand their point of development and who want to experience an environment where there are no wrong answers.

    When this became clear to me, no horizons have opened for me. In the course, I learned to find answers inside of myself, instead of waiting for input to be consumed. Indeed that has strengthened by inner confidence and self assurance.

    Patrick Franke

    Advanced Certified Scrum Master

    The great thing about Marc’s course is that he can respond individually and flexibly to my current situation. The One and One makes the topics very personal and gives them a depth that is not possible in traditional courses.

    Marc was a great coach and mentor because he always brings you to self-reflection and doesn’t just come up with a solution. Because he is very open and self-reflective, we were able to expand our maps together. I can take many positive insights with me on my way. Thank you for all Marc!

    Wolfgang Titze

    Certified Scrum Professional

    About marc lustig

    Your educator, mentor and coach

    Marc Lustig has background in programming since the 1980s. He started adopting XP practices and Scrum back in 2004 as a full-stack product developer and lead developer. In 2008 he started to help organizations as a technical coach leveraging the benefits of agile. In 2016 he shifted his focus to a holistic perspective and the organizational system became his main point of concern. He enjoys to inspire organizational agility by starting from the team level.

    Marc completed multiple coaching education programs including Co-Active and ORSC Coaching. He is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) as well as Certified Team Coach (CTC) with Scrum Alliance. He is registered as a coach with ICF and dvct. Marc worked in many different industries including financial services, automotive, retail, insurance, banking and energy.

    With that wide range of experience, Marc was able to acquire a truly systemic perspective on the dynamics in organizations across countries and industries.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    When can I start a course?

    You can start the course at any time. 

    I am not yet sure this is the right course for me. Can we have a preliminary conversation?

    Absolutely. Feel free to create your appointment below.


    How will I book sessions?

    You are free to book a session in our calendar at any time. This works smoothly and allows for maximized flexibility.

    Once I have achieved the CSP-SM, will you still be available to accompany my journey.

    Absolutely. Marc is running a Path to Coaching group mentoring program that  will deepen your coaching skills to qualify as a Certified Coach.

    Book your course here:

    You can book your course here right away using PayPal or Credit Card.

    If you prefer paying via bank transfer, please contact us at info@productowner.school with your billing details to receive the invoice.

    The foundational CSPO course introduces you to the role of the PRODUCT OWNER.

    Please contact us for your personal quote.

    In order to start the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) course you need to acquire the CSPO credential. 

    1.750,00 €

    In order to start the Certified Scrum Professional – Product Owner (CSP-PO) course, you need to acquire the A-CSPO credential.

    1.750,00 €

    Book the course package to save over the individual courses.

    3.850,00 €

    If you still have questions, feel free to book a free discovery session:


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